Value Whitepaper

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What We Do


Multi Blockchain Bridge

Value finance multi blockchain bridge will allow projects to transfer assets across multiple chains


Multi Scan Dapp

A multi-chain scan explorer that will be integrated into the platform will be deployed whereby the cryptocurrency community and ValueFi holders will have easy access to check details of a coin/token irrespective of the chain it’s being deployed on without the need to leave the platform.


Value Merch Store

ValueFinance will launch its own Merchandise store, This store will help to showcase all products and services being built by the project and purchase, rent or leasing package will be available for all users with rebate being given to purchase made in value finance token accordingly.


Value Finance Implementation Roadmap

Project pathway for Value Ecosystem

Q1/Q2 2022

  • icon Community development
  • icon Fundraising (Seed or AVN launchPad)
  • icon Listing on pancake
  • icon Fast track listing on CMC and CG
  • icon Cex Listing
  • icon Stake Lock Dapp
  • icon Stake Leaderboard Tracker
  • icon VFT Bobby Pool
  • icon VFT Liquidity Pool Mining

Q1/Q2 2023

  • icon VFT as Multi-chain Platform
  • icon Partnerships
  • icon Cross chain Bridge
  • icon Relaunching VFT Bobby Pool
  • icon VFT Airdrop system
  • icon VFT - Lockpad
  • icon VFT- Buyback/Burn system
  • icon VFT Auto-deployer
  • icon Product Marketing
  • icon Global ambassador program

Q3 2023

  • icon Community Expansion development.
  • icon Valuefi launchpad v1.
  • icon CEX listing
  • icon Development/testing and the launch of ValueFi NFT MarketPlace.

Q4 2023

  • icon Multi-chain Explorer
  • icon Value finance NFT ecosystem


Token Distribution

ValueFi token will be launched as well, this will be the token to power the whole ecosystem and it will function as the utility token to utilise all services on the platform while also being used for transaction purpose, trading fees, rewards to holders, charity and more.

Token Name

Value Finance



Total Supply


  • Public Sales (IDO)
  • Pan cake LP
  • Foundation
  • Team
  • Public Sales (IDO)
  • Foundation
  • Partnership & Research
  • Burn
  • Pan cake LP
  • Product
  • Advisory
  • Charity
  • Team
  • Marketing
  • Open